Industry Profile: Looking Back on the Illustrious Career of Terry Sloan

Terry Sloan reflects on 40-plus years of dedicated service in the swimming pool and spa industry. Photo by Jason Cramp

By Jason Cramp

For many years, Terry Sloan’s drive for business success and strong customer relationships in the pool industry enveloped his life. He was determined to succeed in his career and strove to continually lead his team to reach corporate goals, while also focusing on his own professional growth.

In September, after dedicating nearly 50 years of his life to driving business and helping colleagues achieve professional goals, Sloan, a longtime business executive with Zodiac Pool Systems Canada Inc., retired.

While the soft-spoken Sloan says his commitment to work sometimes superseded his family obligations, he has few regrets.

“I’m very fortunate today to have a close relationship with my daughters, despite all the time I spent travelling and my attention to business over the years,” he said. “However, as a result, I am very close with my granddaughters and I am trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Perhaps not spending more time with my daughters would be the one regret I have.”

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