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Fluidra calls new project the ‘perfect COVID-free pool’

Fluidra has released a project it calls the ‘perfect COVID-free pool.’
Fluidra has released a project it calls the ‘perfect COVID-free pool.’

Fluidra, a global leader in the pool and wellness equipment business, recently presented its ‘perfect COVID-free pool’ project featuring strategies which maximize safety.

“In addition to the usual measures that make all pools a safe place such as correct water treatment, respecting the minimum distance, and carrying out proper hygiene, we showcased additional elements applicable to any pool,” said Fluidra’s R&D EMEA director David Tapias. “These include automatic entry control, shower tunnels, equipment to disinfect the pool surroundings, and indoor air disinfection.”

Some of measures implemented by Fluidra cover the following areas:

 Water quality

The water parameters must be within the standards established by authorities and ensure it is disinfected, and has disinfecting power to eliminate all pathogens. The subject indoor pool has the Freepool system, which offers chlorine generation disinfection with salt electrolysis combined with an ultraviolet (UV) light treatment which acts on a broader spectrum of germs for total safety. The pH value is balanced with carbon dioxide CO2.

 Air quality

In the indoor pool, UV lamps have been installed in the ventilation ducts to disinfect the recirculating air.

Movement of persons /automatic access control

Automatic entry and exit controls have been installed allowing operators to know the number of people in the pool at all times.


Installation of timed shower arches to carry out a previous sanitation of all bathers before going in the water.


Fluidra Connect allows operators to continuously collect water quality parameters—including temperature, pH value, and chlorine levels—and upload them directly to the cloud, thus allowing real time maintenance management and the ability to share the live data with users for their peace of mind.

Pool surrounding cleaning

Portable equipment to sanitize all pool surroundings, including surfaces and accessories, using the specialized product Surfosan.

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