How to choose the right pool chemical distributor

by jason_cramp | March 14, 2019 12:00 am

[1]With summer right around the corner, the pool product market is booming. In fact, many pool and spa/hot tub retailers are likely searching for all types of products to carry—from equipment, to filters, to chemicals. UBA, a chemical distributor that operates across Ontario and Quebec, presents five things retailers should check when selecting a chemical distributor.

  1. Health, safety, and environmental care

Today, the safe management of chemicals, in terms of public safety and environmental care, must be a value that drives the actions of the chemical distributor one chooses to do business with. They must take concrete steps[2] regarding health, safety, and the environment!

  1. Knowledge of pool industry regulations

Retailers should deal with an expert[3] who can provide proper guidance on the safe management of pool/spa chemicals. Quebec’s guide for operating swimming pools and other artificial pools[4] (available in French only) states chemical storage tanks can pose certain risks. For example, a distributor that fully understands the issues surrounding chemical storage tanks should advise retailers to use a spill containment tray in the event of accidental spill or tank failure.

  1. Assurance of chemical quality

It is important retailers ensure they are working with a specialized, skilled chemical distributor that knows where its products are sourced. In this regard, it is hard to beat working with a chemical distributor which manufactures its own products. Retailers can learn more about the chemicals UBA manufactures here[5].

  1. Complementary chemicals

When thinking about pool/spa chemicals, there is no doubt the first thing that comes to mind is chlorine. Experienced chemical distributors can also provide specialty products to deal with other pool/spa water quality issues. For example, there are solutions to help fight the lawn and weeds that encroach on docks or concrete surrounding pool areas! See UBA’s full pool/spa chemical lineup here[6].

  1. Turnkey products and services

Retailers deserve peace of mind with their delivery! Do business with a chemical distributor that provides turnkey[7] chemical distribution and chemical system installation services.

About UBA

For more than 60 years, UBA has been offering reliable, custom chemical solutions for a wide variety of customers. Since the construction of its sodium hypochlorite (Javelo[8]) production facility in 2011, UBA has become a leader in the sale and distribution of chemicals for the pool and spa industry. UBA also provides formulas to help stop lawn and weeds from encroaching poolside such as WeedEnder[9] and WeedErase[10].

To learn more about UBA, click here[11].

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