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Add elegance to any poolscape with Atlantic’s new formal spillway bundles

Above: The ‘Copper Spillway Bowl’ project bundles. Below: The ‘Stainless Spillway’ project bundle.
Above: The ‘Copper Spillway Bowl’ project bundle. Below: The ‘Stainless Spillway’ project bundle.

Available Q2, Atlantic’s new ‘Formal Spillway Bundles’ add three easy ways to accent any hardscape, landscape, or poolscape.

Bundles make adding a complete running water feature to any standard hardscape block wall a simple half-day project. Whether the homeowner has an existing hardscape or is building a new one, the bundles come with everything needed to create one of three styles of fountains (except the stone).

Each offers size and/or colour options to ensure there is a fountain for every taste and décor. Choose from either the ‘Copper Spillway Bowl,’ ‘Stainless Spillway,’ or ‘Color Changing Colorfalls’ project bundle.

The ‘Copper Spillway Bowl’ project bundles showcase either the 660-mm (26-in.) square spillway bowl or the round version, over an open water reservoir created with the 0.6- x 1.2-m (2- x 4-ft) ‘Flexible Hardscape Basin’ in a choice of tan, grey, or black. The 610-mm (24-in.) ‘Stainless Spillway’ project bundle offers the choice of a brushed stainless or copper finish spillway over a choice of tan, grey, or black 0.6- x 1.2-m (2- x 4-ft) ‘Flexible Hardscape Basin.’ The ‘Color Changing Colorfalls’ project bundle offers 304-, 610-, or 914-mm (12-, 24- or 36-in.) ‘Colorfalls’ over a small, medium, or large ‘Fountain Basin Kit,’ with the added benefit of ‘InfiColor’ colour-changing lighting.

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