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Standard Bronze introduces new products and online ordering

Customers of Standard Bronze can now explore an expanded product line (e.g. new brushed stainless steel rope anchors [top] and hydrostatic relief valves[bottom]), as well as place orders online with ease and efficiency using the company’s new website.
New brushed stainless steel rope anchors (top) and bronze hydrostatic relief valves (bottom).
Standard Bronze, a manufacturer of bronze, chrome-plated bronze, and stainless steel products for the commercial pool industry, has launched a new e-commerce website.

Using the website, customers can not only explore an expanded product line, but also order online with ease and efficiency. The revamped site boasts the industry’s broadest selection of bronze pool fittings and accessories, including the following:

  • Deck anchors & accessories;
  • DE filter elements and covers;
  • Drain frames and grates;
  • Extension collar and cover plates;
  • Gutter and deck-drain fittings;
  • Ladder treads and accessories;
  • Maintenance and cleaning (including vacuum heads);
  • Mechanical equipment (including fittings, drains, and valves);
  • Return inlet/vacuum fittings;
  • Rope anchors and accessories (New products in 2018); and
  • Safety equipment.

“All Standard Bronze products are manufactured in North America, so tariffs or other import issues do not threaten the supply line,” said Glen Dempsey, owner of the company which was founded in 1895. “This peace of mind is important when planning large projects, as all of our products are superior in durability and quality.”

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