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The new Lumiso Pooltest photometer by Palintest

The brand new Lumiso Pooltest 6
The new Lumiso Pooltest 6

Service engineers and pool managers can now use the Lumiso Pooltest for simple, digital pool water testing for complete water balance calculation without subjectivity.

The brand new ‘Lumiso Pooltest 3’ and ‘6’ uses expert colourimetric analysis to deliver quick and clear test results, enabling pool operators to optimize treatment and ensure water safety.

The handheld instrument is lightweight and has been designed for complete portability to enable testing to be performed anywhere. The ‘Lumiso Pooltest 3’ tests for free and total chlorine, pH, and cyanuric acid, while the ‘Lumiso Pooltest 6’ includes testing for alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, free and total chlorine, cyanuric acid and pH. Learn more

Lumiso features:

  • New lightweight kit with waterproof reagent box and cutouts for all accessories
  • Data storage for 50 results with date, time, and sample labels
  • USB and QR code connectivity to enable data management
  • New optical design for quick and accurate digital results
  • Easy-to-use language-free interface with long-battery life from ‘AA’ batteries
  • Larger display screen increases the display information and makes navigating easy
  • Portable, robust, and IP67 waterproof
  • Check standards can be stored in instrument carry case.

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