Water Tech offers ‘How To’ product videos

May 9, 2012

Water Tech’s ‘how-to’ product videos, available on the company’s website, makes it easier for dealers to help consumers assembly and use the company’s products.

Water Tech Corp., a manufacturer of battery- and robotic-powered swimming pool cleaners, has made it easier for dealers to help consumers with its new ‘how-to’ video series.

Videos are available for the company’s complete line of pool and spa cleaners—from battery-powered vacuum wands to its robotic cleaner units—each one demonstrates everything from out-of-the-box assembly to product operation to help consumers maximize efficiency when cleaning their pool and/or spa.

The videos can be found on Water Tech’s website (www.watertechtips.com/videos-main.htm[2]) and are designed to help dealers provide customers with immediate 24-7 assistance.

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Source URL: https://www.poolspamarketing.com/trade/water-tech-offers-how-to-product-videos/