How technology is transforming the backyard pool experience

Not long ago, pool maintenance required a fair amount of personal attention and effort. Managing water chemistry, maintaining the filter, and cleaning the pool and surrounding area were some of the tasks pool owners wanted to minimize in favour of having more time to relax and reap the benefits...
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HVLS: The importance of their use

While air handling units (AHUs) are a major component of the equation, the The introduction of high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan technology can help create a more cost-effective, uniform environment; one where swimmers, staff, and spectators feel comfortable and safe.
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Sales strategies for specialty retailers

By Ted Lawrence

The art lies in shifting one’s focus from this aspect of the work and thinking about how the consumer views the business and make changes accordingly. This lesson not only impacts one’s business, but also the consumer and their overall experience.

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Pool cleaners to increase revenue

Colleen Newhouse

For retailers, the pool cleaner can basically sell itself using a video display or interactive display—the ideal product for busy summer store hours. Before finalizing sales plans for the 2019 season, retailers should be sure pool cleaners are incorporated into their retail and service plans.

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The wonderful capabilities of chlorine

By Terry Arko

Chlorine became popular for pool use in the 1920s. A form of calcium hypochlorite containing 70 per cent available chlorine, and known as high-test hypochlorite (HTH), became available in 1923.  This form of chlorine became very popular as a bleaching agent, as well as a sanitizer for...

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