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Automatic Pool Covers celebrates 40 years

Automatic Pool Covers Inc., recently celebrated its 40th business anniversary.

To commemorate the occasion, the company held a party in late February to thank its employees and clients for helping the company achieve this milestone.

“We wouldn’t be here today without our amazing employees and customers, to whom we are all very grateful,” said the company’s CEO Michael Shebek.

Automatic Pool Covers Inc., opened its doors in 1979 as a small pool cover distributor.  At … Continue reading Automatic Pool Covers celebrates 40 years

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Automatic pool covers are a money-making opportunity for builders

High-end pools are no longer the only projects where one will find an automatic cover. In fact, these covers are quickly becoming the norm in many markets throughout Canada and the United States. With more homeowners frequently requesting them, industry professionals need to decide if they should train their staff on how to install and maintain them, or outsource the installation and maintenance to a specialized company.

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