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The importance of water testing

A green pool, a runny nose, and a car that will not start would generally not be mentioned in the same sentence let alone the same paragraph; however, each event indicates the presence of a problem. For instance, with the car, the battery may be dead or the starter may need to be replaced. A runny nose could be the sign of a nasty cold coming on or an allergy, and a green pool signifies the presence of copper or algae.

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A biochemical catalyst for supplemental pool and spa maintenance

Applying known technologies to everyday practical uses has become commonplace for consumer products, and enzymes are no exception. Probiotic yogurt, laundry detergent, and shampoos use enzymes because of their effectiveness and versatility. In fact, health store shelves sport enzyme products promising to work all sorts of miracles, including improved digestive systems, strengthening hair and giving it shine, and keeping oils and greases from leaving unsightly stains on clothes allowing them to last longer.

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