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Water care basics to prevent biofilm formation

After many years working in the water chemistry field, this author still gets the same question: What is the most important aspect of hot tub water care? In speaking to hot tub customers, service technicians, water care sales teams, retailers, and store owners from all over the world, the answer remains the same: The best way to enjoy the hot tub experience is to maintain the proper sanitizer levels in the water and prevent or remove biofilm buildup in places like plumbing lines, shell surface, or filters. These are the two pillars to hot tub maintenance.

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A systematic approach to handling recreational water illness outbreaks

Recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are always a hot topic of discussion towards the end of summer, when filters at aquatic facilities work overtime to keep pool water clean and clear thanks to higher bather loads. Unfortunately, there are always outbreaks—some bigger than others. The more severe the occurrence, the more likely it is to capture the attention of mainstream media. This article is not about the graphic descriptors of these microscopic invaders, but rather a look at solutions for destroying and keeping these bugs out of pools.

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Advice for service pros dealing with pesky vinyl liner stains

Vinyl liner pools are one of the most popular construction methods in Canada for many reasons—one being ease of maintenance. For example, it is harder for algae to grow on vinyl than on plaster. However, even the highest quality vinyl liner is still subject to staining and discolouration. Improper water balance, water treatments, and specific types of debris can cause persistent maintenance problems, most notably staining on vinyl surfaces. This article provides a brief overview of how typical staining occurs to help service professionals take care of these persistent maintenance challenges.

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