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Betz Pools Ltd. (2018)

By Jason Cramp

The focal point of this backyard is a 5.5- x 12-m (18- x 40-ft) custom concrete zero-edge infinity pool built by Betz Pools Ltd., of Stouffville, Ont. The property’s natural drop in elevation allowed for the pool’s full-width spill wall, built of 76-mm (3-in.) tempered glass, to be exposed. The massive sheer waterfall empties into a small stream that travels down to a children’s wading pool.

The pool’s classic look is emphasized by its sculpted Roman-end design, while large curving entry steps beckon swimmers. The pool’s interior is finished with armourcoat comprising blue quartz crystals, creating a muted blue tone with a subtle sparkle, while the pool deck and coping is completed with Wiarton Eramosa flagstone in a bush-hammered finish with the vertical surfaces clad in matching Eramosa ledgerock.

Located between a spacious cabana and the pool is a large circular spa that seats up to eight people. To invite conversation, the spa’s walls are elevated to a convenient seating height. When not in use, the spa water recirculates back to the pool via two glass-topped weirs, which run beneath the pool deck.

Complementing the home’s architecture, the cabana features double-sliding patio doors, a kitchen, bar, lounge area with fireplace, and change room. A custom semi-sheltered, stone-clad outdoor kitchen, located along the side of the house, provides another food prep area that is equipped with a high-end barbecue, large sink, and granite countertop.

The extensive use of hardscapes helps to reduce maintenance, while the richly planted borders add contrasting touches of colour and texture. The formal square-cut flagstone used in the upper deck gives way to a more casual, random-cut design on the lower patio, while bold Wiarton-slab steps provide a pleasing contrast to the natural flagstone patios and landings throughout the property.

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