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Innovating vinyl pool liners: New technologies create beautiful and functional designs

Photos courtesy Canadian General-Tower
Technological advances in inks, printing, and manufacturing are propelling vinyl liner designs to new heights.

By David Sones

In today’s design culture, form follows function. This is particularly true when creating vinyl pool liner designs. Not only is the function to provide a durable, watertight material, but the industry also demands the printed patterns and textures function under the stress from sunlight and harsh chemicals.

Additionally, consumers, builders, and landscapers want designs to match the latest in coping and decking treatments, complement the trending architectural colours, and look beautiful both above and below the waterline.

The function of the pattern on the vinyl liner material in the water naturally shapes the form of the design. This has led to the development of innovative new inks, coatings, textures, and patterns to provide beautiful, functional solutions and satisfy both builders and consumers.

Innovative inks

The pool industry often thinks about prints on vinyl as simply colours printed on the vinyl. This is true, of course, but the inks producing these colours are very unique and are used to create depth and dimension. This season’s new inks will even shimmer and shift in the sunlight.

Designers work with the latest technological advancements available to create pool liner prints, including developing the inks to create new colours and unique visual effects. In fact, the pool industry is not always aware of the years of research and development involved in creating these unique designs.

Consumers, builders, and landscapers want pool liner designs to look beautiful both above and below the waterline.

Several recent advances in ink technology have led to the creation of material with new colours and a new liveliness in the pool liner design. In fact, these colours often determine whether a particular pattern or collection will succeed. The overall colour scheme of a pool liner design is crucial, as it reinforces the mood of the pool and the backyard. Designers always keep in mind the vinyl liner patterns will be appreciated as decor.

 Shimmering inks

One of the newest technological innovations is Aquashimmer, which was created for the pool liner to make the water sparkle in the sunshine. This ink was developed collaboratively with the manufacturing team at the author’s company to ensure a robust printing process. The resultant Aquashimmer ink and coating is a premium formulation with a dazzling effect on high-quality pool liner material. Some would compare the effect to a shimmering pearl.

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