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Installing a semi-inground pool to create a natural backyard oasis

By Matt Remington

Aside from landscaping and deck work, the client’s pool and equipment are operable, which means Remington Home Leisure’s job was complete.

Late last fall, this author visited with a client at their home in the greater Moncton area to discuss the possibility of a pool installation. Knowing the area well, as the neighbourhood and client’s home are located on the side of a mountain, it was predetermined that any type of pool installation would likely present some challenges.

Upon arrival, the area where the client was thinking about installing an inground pool was inspected. The issue with the location, however, was grading. The property had a slope across the 11 m (36 ft) area of more than 1.5 m (5 ft). Due to this drastic grade differential, it was explained to the client that a costly retaining wall would be required to install an inground pool.

Presenting an option

After discussing the issues regarding the property’s grading, a semi-inground pool was recommended for the client. This type of pool would allow one side of the vessel to be completely level with the ground (on the high side of the property), while on the low side the pool would protrude out of the ground by 1.2 m (4 ft). Once the client accepted this compromised pool installation, detailed project planning began.

Planning a project like this can be challenging, as the grade will affect all aspects of the installation to some degree. In addition to grading, there was limited space in some areas, along with some foliage with which the base prep crew had to deal. Further, just as the installation team started to break ground, the client inquired about the possibility of a deep end. This meant going back to the office to revise the plans.

Adding a few items or accessories while the pool installation is taking place is not necessarily a big deal; however, in meeting with the client at the office to finalize the details, it was explained how it is not only preferred, but also much more efficient to plan all elements of the project at the beginning. Knowing all of the options and equipment the client wants prior to starting the construction process allows the installation crew to operate more efficiently and can help eliminate project delays.

After discussing the details with the client, the following pool package and equipment were selected:

  • 5.5- x 9.75-m (18- x 32-ft) freeform lagoon-shape pool with a 1.8-m (6-ft) deep end;
  • 1.5-horsepower (hp) pump with two-speeds and a timer;
  • 18.5-m2 (200-sf) cartridge filter;
  • automatic chlorine generation system;
  • 4.5-ton heat pump;
  • 610-mm (2-ft) custom rock sheer waterfall; and
  • colour changing light-emitting diode (LED) system.
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