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PHTCC launches national ad campaign on The Weather Network

The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada (PHTCC) has launched a new, two-pronged national media campaign, which will promote the industry, as well as the association and its members through television and online advertising with the Weather Network/ MétéoMédia.

The media campaign, which was proposed by the council’s promotion and marketing committee and approved by the board of directors, is designed to urge consumers to invest in pools and hot tubs, and to encourage them to seek the expertise of PHTCC members for their installation and service needs.

The catchphrase appearing digitally on the Weather Network is “Welcome Back Summer! Pool Weather to follow!” The video appearing on television includes messages such as: “Spring has arrived, and the warm days are approaching. You presently are making good use of your spa, but when should you open your pool? Wait until the temperature is at least 10 degrees Celsius consistently. It may seem a little early, but this will prevent algae from growing, and will ultimately save you time and money on cleaning. The pool will be much nicer to look at as well. Remember, in Canada we do get some warm days early on, so make sure not to miss out on the swimming season.”

According to the PHTCC’s executive director, Robert Wood, both messages will air in major centres across Canada, with similar versions appearing in French on MétéoMédia. The project is anticipated to help bolster the image of the aquatic recreation industry in Canada.

At the chapter level, the association has moved away from billboard advertising to focus on radio and pre-show advertising at movie cinemas. The Toronto chapter is running a radio ad and weather/traffic update sponsorship on 680 News, which will air throughout the day between April 23 and May 13. It is also running a weather/traffic update sponsorship on 98.1 CHFI between April 30 and May 13.

The eastern Ontario chapter is running pre-show advertising in two movie theatres: the Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas (10 screens) in Kingston, Ont., and Landmark Cinemas 24 Kanata (24 screens) in Kanata, Ont. These campaigns will run between May 4 and 31.

At the chapter level, the ads promote two messages: the Poolsaver pump rebate program (in applicable regions), and the benefits of hiring a PHTCC member when investing in the backyard.

“Investing in radio advertising, as opposed to billboards, will enable us to reach a broader audience,” said Mette Yellowlees, the manager for the Toronto and eastern Ontario chapters. “In fact, we have received a lot of positive feedback on the radio advertising campaigns we have run in the past.”

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