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Ontario community has a new public pool to be proud of

Rising to the challenge

photoThere were many challenges throughout the construction of this project that had to be overcome. For instance, an eight-week delay in receiving the architectural block for the building structure was a big one. Roofing materials were also delayed due to production issues, which again pushed the schedule back. The summer weather during the 2013 construction season also presented Acapulco with many delays due to an above-average amount of rainfall.

There were many challenges that had to be overcome throughout the construction of this project, including material delays and interruptions from Mother Nature.

The site also posed a unique challenge in that there are several large trees on the property the owners did not want disturbed or removed. Therefore, the construction team had to be vigilant in protecting the trees’ root systems. This was accomplished by fencing off the drip area of all the trees that were to be protected so no construction traffic or storage of materials occurred on these crucial areas. Acapulco hired a day-lighting company to expose the roots in areas where the trees had to be pruned properly as opposed to ripping them with an excavator, which more often than not leads to the tree dying. This takes time and money, but the owners were very appreciative the trees survived construction. Despite all of the above, Acapulco was able to complete the project on time.

Finally, to ensure the success of the aquatic facility, it was imperative for the pool to be built in the perfect location. This decision was made courtesy of the Town of Strathroy’s proposal team.

Now complete, the aquatic facility offers yet another entertainment option at the athletic complex, which also includes a fairgrounds, arena, baseball diamond, miniature ride-on tourist train, playground, and tennis courts.

Author note: A number of products from different companies were integral to the completion of this project, including PEM Fountian Co., in Richmond Hill, Ont.; Natare Corp., in Indianapolis, Ind.; Hanovia Specialty Lighting LLC in Fairfield, NJ; Raypak Inc., in Oxnard, Calif.; VM Pump Company in Cambridge, Ont.; and CPI Daylighting in Lake Forest, Ill.


Keller_Headshot_1Greg Keller is a construction services specialist at Acapulco Pools Ltd., a commercial pool builder and service provider based in Kitchener, Ont. He graduated from Conestoga College’s architecture–project and facility management program in 2011 and was hired by Acapulco upon graduation. He can be reached via e-mail at

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