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Project Spotlight: Hydropool Retail (2012)


By Jason Cramp

A hot tub installation by Hydropool Retail in Mississauga, Ont., serves to complete this homeowner’s entertainment and fitness room by integrating it perfectly into the indoor space, creating a place for them to reflect and relax.

To meet the Mississauga, Ont., homeowner’s request for ease of maintenance, a 1.9- 2-m (6.25- x 6.5-ft), five-person Hydropool ‘Self-Cleaning 575’ hot tub was selected. The hot tub is capable of simultaneously removing surface debris and sediment from the floor with its built-in vacuum, which operates automatically every 15 minutes. Complete with 40 hydro-massage jets and two, adjustable-flow waterfall jets, the hot tub also provides bathers with a thorough hydrotherapy massage from head-to-toe.

In making sure the installation co-ordinated with the room’s existing architecture and construction materials, Hydropool enlisted the assistance of a subcontractor who designed and completed the granite surface surrounding the hot tub’s upper lip. Strategically-placed lighting features were also incorporated around the exterior lip to complement the hot tub setting and create the ambiance of a peaceful haven. The hot tub’s shell was also enclosed by a natural rock-face wall, further enhancing its appearance in the room.

Not only did these finishing materials enhance the hot tubs’ appearance, they also presented Hydropool with a challenge when installing the hot tub cover. For instance, to fit the cover over the lip of the granite source and have it operational, it was necessary for Hydropool to engineer a track system to pull the vinyl cover under the lip. By creating this mechanism, it also allows the cover to remain hidden when the hot tub is open.

Finally, the hot tub’s proximity and ease of access to the outdoor patio and swimming pool area provides the homeowner with the ultimate in aquatic entrainment, exercise and fun.


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