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Project Spotlight: Jamieson Pools & Spas Inc. (2010)

olsen pool 026By Jason Cramp

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario and situated amidst the wineries of the Niagara Escarpment village of Jordan, is an award-winning swimming pool installation by Jamieson Pools & Spas Inc.

The design of the pool, which was being installed at the client’s summer home, was based mostly on esthetics and exercise, as the owners enjoy aquatic fitness. The inclusion of a shallow-depth ‘kiddie’ pool was also important, to enable future grandchildren to enjoy the aquatic features.

Before able to accommodate the client’s requests, however, Jamieson was faced with an early challenge. In order to proceed with the design the builders had in mind, a 23-m (75-ft) long, 2.1-m (7-ft) high retaining wall, on the outside of the property facing the lake, had to be built to retain the swimming pools.

Once the gunite wall was built, Jamieson was able to proceed with their design plans, which included a 6.7- 9.7-m (22- x 32-ft) freeform pool and an attached, 3.6- x 3.6-m (12- x 12-ft) shallow-depth pool. The main pool was constructed with a 1.5-m (5-ft) constant depth, while the ‘kiddie’ pool features a beach entry and maximum depth of 457 mm (18 in.).

Located 2.5 m (8 ft) above the main pool, just beneath the home’s walkout deck, is a custom-built hot tub. It only has one set; however, plenty of standing room is offered, as the purpose of this hot tub is to enjoy hydrotherapy while taking in the commanding elevated views of the nearby lake. Both swimming pools and the hot tub are constructed of gunite with a black marcite finish (chosen for its reflective nature), while the dark colours and natural stone throughout the entire project give the design its uniquely Canadian appeal.

Although the design, at first glance, may look like an ordinary pool with normal coping, the push of a button raises and spills the water level over into the shallow-depth pool, to create a vanishing edge. At the same time, the water level becomes flush with the pool deck and appears to be a single sheet of level water. Jamieson was able to add this unique feature by installing a 3,785-L (1,000 gal) underground storage tank and five-horsepower pump, which sends water into the main pool and recirculates it from the smaller pool.

The pool is also equipped with four additional pumps, three filters, two heaters and fibreoptic lighting. The deck is finished in randomly placed Wiarton-stone slabs, while the railing features glass panels, to avoid obstructing the scenic views.

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