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The importance of testing and removing phosphates

By Alicia Stephens and Anjelica Swanson

People purchase hot tubs for many different reasons, including health benefits, therapeutic massage, and overall relaxation.

Regardless of the motivation to purchase, hot tub users want their ownership experience to be as easy and trouble-free as possible. However, due to the hot water and aeration that are key elements to hot tubs, their maintenance can be challenging. Therefore, establishing an effective maintenance routine that includes testing the water regularly … Continue reading The importance of testing and removing phosphates

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Pool cleaners to increase revenue

By Colleen Newhouse

For retailers, the pool cleaner can basically sell itself using a video display or interactive display—the ideal product for busy summer store hours. Before finalizing sales plans for the 2019 season, retailers should be sure pool cleaners are incorporated into their retail and service plans.

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