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Country living by design

A family in Caledon, Ont., recently built its dream home. There were many reasons why everyone loved this location, such as the daily sightings of deer in the adjacent farmers fields that terminated in the local foothills. However, as the dust from construction settled, they realized despite their view, they could clearly hear the echo of the major highway just over a kilometre away. This reverberated through the landscape and woke the family up during the night when the bedroom windows were kept open for fresh air.

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Sprucing up a modest weekend retreat

When the owners of this century home ensconced in a rural setting were ready to enhance their weekend getaway with some much-needed amenities and upgrades, they turned to Tumber & Associates. The homeowners first contacted the landscape firm in 2010, and after several extensive consultations, they decided to engage in the design process to create a master plan for the property, ultimately leading to a construction start date of April 2011.

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