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Designing a pool in a backyard with minimal space on a cliff

This project, like any other, commenced with a typical client meeting that started out at the front door and ended looking off an upper deck at a cliff where the client wanted to create a spectacular entertainment space with a pool as the centrepiece. There was a major problem, however. The lay of the land only provided 2.7 m (9 ft) of usable space out from the house to build everything. This was the first meeting of a project that would push everyone who worked on it to think outside the box, to create the ultimate backyard getaway.

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The ins and outs of pool construction

The design is complete; all that remains is for the pool builder to simply follow the plan and everything will be perfect. Most builders will attest, however, that this is far from reality. In fact, once a design is complete, it is often the next day when things start to change. Therefore, the key to success for any project is the builder’s ability to work through these changes and still be able to produce a quality project.

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The ins and outs of pool design

“We would like a pool.” This is the typical, first broad request from customers that most pool designers/builders can relate to. And, more often than not, these projects become much more than just a pool. Why? Projects tend to escalate from this basic request as a pool designer/builder investigates further to understand what the client is looking for to ensure the project—from design to completion—fulfils their needs.

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