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How to improve business efficiency

For instance, are service technicians expected to go through the course of becoming a Certified Pool Operator (CPO)? If so, how long do they have to achieve certification and what does their educational path look like once it is completed?

In a perfect world, businesses should have a job description written for every employee—including the owner(s).
In a perfect world, businesses should have a job description written for every employee—including the owner(s).

Once the job descriptions have been written, it is important to relay how communication will take place. A clearly planned organizational chart works as a vital tool in an organization to implement structure. This is particularly important when looking to grow the business. Having a formal structure from the beginning helps a company achieve growth through efficiency while also providing a clearly outlined communication process that improves the overall management of the business.

Every business benefits from having a clear structure of how each employee’s role works towards achieving the business’s overall objectives and goals. Having the ability to look at a chart provides a visual means of communication. This is particularly important if a company has various departments that are all working towards a common goal as it helps to avoid duplicate efforts and can also prevent co-workers from becoming frustrated with one another.

On several occasions, this author has seen instances where various departments were all contributing to achieve one goal but the responsibilities were not clearly defined. As a result, productivity decreased as employees started to feel their contribution did not matter, so why put forth the energy? By clearly communicating how different individuals or departments are related to one another and how each will contribute helps achieve greater growth by avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

Organizational charts also help one to recognize gaps in the company’s structure. Having this visual helps to see where there might be a break in the lines of communication or where a clear outline of how each employee will help contribute to the big picture does not exist. This will also help managers write better job descriptions that include duties that crossover departments and quickly fill those needs. A good organizational chart will help evaluate performance and measure growth within the organization.

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