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Last drop

Located in a 58- x 9-m (190- x 30-ft) deep, narrow lot of midtown Toronto, this spectacular pool and backyard was installed by Solda Pools Ltd. to complement the client’s newly renovated house and garage.

The rectilinear pool boasts clean, modern lines esthetically combined with natural features, including a circular spa and rockery waterfall, which harmoniously blend the two styles together. The 4.5- x 9.1-m (15- x 30-ft) gunite concrete pool is decorated with 152.4- x 305-mm (6- x 12-in.) slate waterline tiles and has a 2.4 m (8 ft) depth. The elevated 2.1-m (7-ft) wide circular spa attached to the pool features a custom spill-over negative edge with iridescent glass tiles. The curvilinear pool steps made of concrete are an artistic yet natural extension of the adjacent spa. S

—Jason Cramp

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