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Important pool water tests every service pro should be using

Why is it important to routinely test pool water? The answer is simple: the state of water in a pool can be unpredictable and chaotic when it is not properly managed. The water itself is an unruly element. This liquid comes with a whole list of demands from the very day the tap is turned on. When water is added to a constructed hole in the ground, it will enter with either the need to consume or unpack. Immediate action is required to control the potential chaos coming from the very existence of water.

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Designing pool projects outside the proverbial box

Innovation plays an integral role, but a pool designer and builder who can deliver forward thinking is also required. Innovation in North America’s pool industry has certainly become more refined and impressive over the past decade. The industry has seen projects become more desirable, structurally sound, and diversely designed, while equipment become more energy efficient, impressive, and easy to use.

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