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Timely video message conveys the benefits of a backyard oasis

At a time everyone is being told to “stay at home,” Fluidra has released a new consumer-facing video conveying the message of the backyard sanctuary.

Created for the company dealers to share on their websites and social media, the video emphasizes how a backyard oasis can be a family’s place to “relax,” “play,” “spend time together,” and “celebrate and refuge.”

“It is important to remember that, although we have a new ‘normal,’ life will go on. More than ever, people need the joy the pool and spa industry brings to their lives,” said Gary Scott, Fluidra’s national service and training manager for Canada. “What better time to have a pool in your backyard than right now. People can safely self-isolate in their own backyard oasis. Our customers will continue to enjoy their pool for years to come after these restrictions are lifted.”

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