The Middlesex-London Health Unit puts aquatic facility training program into action

The relationship between the local health department and the owners, operators, lifeguards, and support staff of public pools and spas, can be seen as multi-dimensional, but from any angle it is directly related and essential to the health and safety of patrons. The inspectors’ role ranges from inspection and enforcement to training and support. Numerous risks can be associated with recreational water facility use, including potential exposure to waterborne...
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Preventing slips, falls, and injuries with rubberized safety surfacing

Splash pads are a fun and affordable addition to a community park or garden, amusement facility, zoo, hotel, or campsite. In fact, with the recent release of new data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stating children younger than five represent nearly 75 per cent of those most at risk from drowning, splash pads are quickly becoming the go-to water attraction for these facilities. With zero-depth standing water, they incorporate both water treatment and recirculation systems as well as provide assorted play features while limiting water waste and the risk of drowning.
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Variable-speed pumps are not just a trend, they are a need

As far as clichés go, ‘going green’ is a good one. But within consumer markets, the environmentally friendly frenzy is often overstated. Many so-called green products are often overpriced and/or ineffective. It is no wonder why many consumers have become jaded by the green movement. Escalating energy costs and...
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New development to boast 91-m high cantilevered pools

An upcoming Florida residential development project will feature two cantilevered pools suspended more than 91.4 m (300 ft) above sea level.

Turnberry Ocean Club is slated to be completed by spring 2020 and is being developed by Fontainebleau Development.

The building’s ocean level has the first and largest of...

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