The importance of testing and removing phosphates

By Alicia Stephens and Anjelica Swanson

People purchase hot tubs for many different reasons, including health benefits, therapeutic massage, and overall relaxation.

Regardless of the motivation to purchase, hot tub users want their ownership experience to be as easy and trouble-free as possible. However, due to the hot water and aeration that are key elements to hot tubs, their maintenance can be challenging. Therefore, establishing an effective maintenance routine that includes testing the water regularly … Continue reading The importance of testing and removing phosphates

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Equipment troubleshooting tips for service professionals and retailers

Today, automatic/robotic pool cleaners are not only a convenient maintenance accessory for pool owners, but are also a great tool for industry professionals when incorporated into their service routine. That said, with so many of these products in the market, not only do industry professionals need to be well-versed...
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