Slatted pool cover offers simplicity and function in design

Designing award-winning projects takes a team, and the whirlpool and lap pool built for this sophisticated residence was no exception. This ultra-contemporary home was built to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)-certified specifications; therefore, the aquatic features needed to include...
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Installing an award-winning fibreglass pool in an irregular backyard

Fibreglass pools are one of the fastest growing segments of the industry, comprising an estimated 15 per cent of the overall inground pool construction market in North America. Further, it is anticipated this market share will continue its rapid growth over the next several years as consumers are becoming more aware and educated about the different types of pools and their various benefits.
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Identifying saltwater problems related to salt crystal chemistry

It goes without saying salt is a critical component of saltwater pools. Without it, electrolysis within the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) could not take place, and chlorine could not be produced to sanitize the water. Yet, ironically, poor quality salt can produce several problems in a saltwater pool, including staining, scale, and increased chlorine demand.
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Maximizing pool sales

It is an exciting yet challenging time for pool/hot tub retailers. Challenged by the rising influence of Internet resellers, it has now become critical for businesses to transform and confront typical strategies of how to survive, succeed, and thrive.
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Dealing with vinyl liner stains

Vinyl pool liners, which are protected by special additives and coatings, can withstand the extremes of sunshine, heat, cold and constant exposure to chemically treated water. However, even the highest quality liner is still subject to staining, discolouration and other unsightly symptoms if proper water balance is not maintained,...+ Read More
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