Workplace health and safety

Many pool and spa companies think of health and safety requirements as something they have to do, simply because it’s mandated and they could potentially be punished for not following through. However, in addition to saving lives and preventing injuries and illness, creating a healthy and safe workplace makes...
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Spring opening tips and conversion advice for saltwater pools

Spring is here, which means opening season for swimming pools is just around the corner. The proper spring startup sets the tone for the entire season. For saltwater pools, spring startup is even more critical if problems such as chlorine (Cl) demand, algae, staining and scale were experienced during the prior season and not dealt with adequately.
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Carefree Pools along with industry partners ‘pay it forward’

In the spring of 2015, a Kingston, Ont., family decided to have an inground pool installed—an upgrade from the smaller above-ground they had in their backyard at the time. Just like thousands of other homeowners considering a new pool, the family’s timing was perfect—from a planning and construction perspective.+ Read More

Fibreglass pool resurfacing

The commercial construction of swimming pools typically started after the Second World War, when urban sprawl was underway and families moved from the cities to the suburbs. Before that most pools were large, poured-in-place concrete vessels that were finished with chlorinated rubber paints.
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