The purple haze

How many service techs are aware the purple haze? A purple crystal-like stain on the water surface usually discovered when a pool is opened in the spring.
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Leading Your Landscape Team

There are many challenges facing today’s landscape professionals, from keeping up with new design trends and technologies to the tried and true dilemmas of time management and weather-related issues. However, after more than 47 years in the landscape industry, the most common issue I hear about from landscape business owners is...
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Making pool water maintenance easier for service professionals

Enzymes have evolved over the years to a point where there are now specific products based upon the needs of each and every body of water. Today, there are two different types of enzyme products available for use in the pool and spa/hot tub industry—broad spectrum produced through a...+ Read More

Canine therapy pool

During the winter of 2010, Mac, a golden retriever, who lives with a family near Severn Bridge, Ont., was struck by a passing vehicle in front of the family’s home on Christmas Eve. Mac was excited to see his master come home and quickly ran to meet him; however,...
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