Elevating pool design

All swimming pool, spa and water feature designers/builders have had the experience of walking into an empty backyard and trying to visualize the end result. The yard may be as flat as a pancake, on the edge of a cliff, bottom of a hill, have a great view or have an apartment building for a backdrop. No matter the site conditions, the builder’s task is to design and construct...
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A new look at an old technology—sand filtration for above-ground pools

Above-ground swimming pools—whether steel-wall, soft-sided, or any other type—all contain water, which needs to be filtered. While most facts about above-ground pool filters have remained constant over the years with respect to the pros and cons of the three basic types (sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth [DE]), there are some changes in the market that savvy dealers can use to their advantage.
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Installing pools in different ground conditions

Generally, expansive soils are clays that exhibit a disproportionate affinity for water and, as a result, the pores within the soil fill with water causing mass expansion. This effect is sometimes reported by the testing laboratory as potential vertical rise (PVR). The PVR, which can reach 152 to 305...
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On the move (October)

Waterlines provides a summary of recent personnel announcements, including new hires, promotions, appointments, anniversaries, and accomplishments in the North American pool and hot tub industry.+ Read More
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