Better businesses are built on emotion, shared relationships, and trust

Trust and loyalty drive business success, yet many retailers forget to ask themselves some of the following important questions: Is there any value in trust? How much do customers trust them? How important is it to connect with customers on a regular basis? Are their customers loyal? Do customers think they are loyal to them?
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Expert tips for installing removable pool fence systems

Removable mesh pool fencing (RPF) has been used in residential backyards since the mid ’60s and was designed for the purpose of preventing swimming pool accidents (drowning)—primarily for children under the age of five, who, historically, are the most at risk. According to the Lifesaving Society Canada, backyard pools continue to be the...
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Sealing concrete pools

One of the most important steps in gunite or concrete swimming pool construction is selecting the right type of waterproofing. Concrete is a porous substrate prone to water penetration; therefore, it has to be sealed to keep water in the pool, in addition to keeping...
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Redeveloping poolscapes

Changes in the economy and the resulting shifts in the residential real estate market can create new opportunities for the landscape and swimming pool industries. Instead of building a new dream home, homeowners may decide to stay and fix-up their existing residence, or buy an...+ Read More

Hot tub enclosures

They go by many names—gazebos, cabanas, cupolas, pergolas or pavilions—and are made out of everything from wood, metal and glass to fabric and composites. However, no matter what hot tub enclosures and their components are called or constructed of, these structures can help...
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