Embracing green technologies can make a difference

By Connie Sue Centrella

After facing some difficult times, the pool and spa industry’s economic recovery will depend on how effectively it adopts a socially responsible approach to green initiatives. Not only must pool and spa professionals commit to sustainability strategies and embrace newer technologies, they also need to go beyond that and pledge to change their attitudes toward waste reduction and develop an energy conservation plan.

Throughout the...

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How to improve energy efficiency in a pool system

The ability to achieve proper water quality in a pool is a function of correct water chemistry values combined with an appropriately sized filtration system. If either one of these variables are lacking, the end result will be an increased difficulty in maintaining water clarity. Water chemistry, being a more interactive subject matter, is the first...
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Automatic pool covers are a money-making opportunity for builders

High-end pools are no longer the only projects where one will find an automatic cover. In fact, these covers are quickly becoming the norm in many markets throughout Canada and the United States. With more homeowners frequently requesting them, industry professionals need to decide if they should train their staff on how to install and maintain them, or outsource the installation and maintenance to a specialized company.
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Sealing concrete pools

One of the most important steps in gunite or concrete swimming pool construction is selecting the right type of waterproofing. Concrete is a porous substrate prone to water penetration; therefore, it has to be sealed to keep water in the pool, in addition to keeping...+ Read More

Carefree Pools along with industry partners ‘pay it forward’

In the spring of 2015, a Kingston, Ont., family decided to have an inground pool installed—an upgrade from the smaller above-ground they had in their backyard at the time. Just like thousands of other homeowners considering a new pool, the family’s timing was perfect—from a planning and construction perspective.
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