A review of five different natural swimming pool (NSP) designs

On the surface, natural swimming pools (NSPs) look like a natural garden pond; however, they are in fact much more. They are specifically designed so people can swim in clean, pure water without the use of any chemicals. A NSP or swim pond comprises two zones: a deep, central swimming area, and a shallow surrounding area, which encompasses various plants specifically chosen to filter the water.
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Reducing operating expenses with new lighting technologies

Commercial aquatic facilities are continuously performing internal ‘audits’ on operational costs to find ways to save money for additional aquatic programming. In doing so, many are discovering one of the fastest, easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is to replace old incandescent pool lighting with today’s improved light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.
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The benefits of ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are some of the most underrated and under-used categories of plant material in modern landscaping. Their reputation is growing, but with so many advantages and so few disadvantages, it is clear their popularity has yet to peak. Given the impact, versatility and benefits these plants can offer,...
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Pool and spa surface restoration market continues to expand

Pool surface finishing is a sought after expertise as no matter how well a concrete pool is built, there comes a time when restoration may be needed. Pool plastering (otherwise known as marbelite) is a highly specialized skillset. Unlike other areas
 of masonry surfacing, marbelite belongs to...+ Read More
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