The Lifesaving Society looks at drowning in Canada

The number of preventable water-related deaths in the country between 2006 and 2010 has increased by seven per cent over the previous five years (2001 to 2005), according to the Canadian Drowning Report: 2013 Edition, prepared for the Lifesaving Society Canada by the Drowning Prevention Research Centre Canada.

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Solar heating options for above-ground pools

Much has been said in recent years about the need to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels—not to mention household energy bills. In the pool industry, these conversations often focus on pool heating, which can be considered a luxury, on top of the amenity of having a pool.
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Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre undergoes multi-million dollar expansion

To be a competent builder, one must have the ability to adapt quickly to manage unusual known or unknown circumstances as they arise throughout the design-build process. This reality is particularly palpable in the business of aquatic construction. Pool and spa builders face many of the same challenges as those who construct homes and commercial buildings, in addition to the various challenges that are specific to the aquatics industry. To provide the owner with quality assurance, pool/spa builders have to make decisive and often radical changes to the equipment on site, labour allotment, labour skill-sets, design components, and special...
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Tips for measuring and installing covers on challenging pools

Today’s swimming pools are beautiful—adorned with raised spas, waterfalls and vanishing edges, not to mention exotic caves and bridges. However, as intricate as these may be, at the end of the swimming season, pool professionals are left with the challenging task of...
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Investment firm to acquire Plaskolite

PPC Partners has signed an agreement to acquire Plaskolite LLC, one of North America’s largest providers of transparent thermoplastic sheet products, from an affiliate of Charlesbank Capital Partners.+ Read More

Leveraging technology in the outdoor design process

Finding the right tech solutions to improve the outdoor design process—without adding to the workload—helps designers create spectacular customer experiences. 
In some cases, incorporating cutting-edge technology can often create new challenges, but at the same time solve others. From software intended to streamline the design process to social media...
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