Automation systems

Pool controls have come a long way from the simple mechanical timers many swimming pool builders employed only a decade ago. Today’s easy-to-operate backyard automation systems offer a myriad of features that help...
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Understanding the Internet of Things in the backyard

This is not another Internet article on some new crazy technology or app. The Internet of things (IoT), also known as the network of things or the Internet of everything, is not the next big gadget, it is already here. Chances are many are already using it without even knowing so. This technology affects daily life on every level (i.e. personal, professional, health, and leisure) now and into the future. The purpose of this article is to provide industry professionals a better understanding of this technology as a way of life.
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Learning to prevent and respond to crisis situations

For all pool and spa professionals, maintaining a safe workplace for both staff and the general public is the ultimate goal, one that can be best achieved by conducting regular facility audits. Audits can significantly impact how an organization prevents, prepares for and responds to emergencies, and they are...
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