Splash pads and public health

A new phenomenon has emerged across North America; splash pads and spray parks. These are the latest form of interactive, wet recreation (body contact recreation). Over the last several years in Canada and the United States, the industry has witnessed...
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Variable-speed pumps are not just a trend, they are a need

As far as clichés go, ‘going green’ is a good one. But within consumer markets, the environmentally friendly frenzy is often overstated. Many so-called green products are often overpriced and/or ineffective. It is no wonder why many consumers have become jaded by the green movement. Escalating energy costs and social awareness are still forcing everyone to be more responsible, however.
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A successful splash pad installation lies in hiring the right people

Spray parks, splash pads, water playgrounds and spray grounds—there are many aliases for aquatic play pads. No matter what they are called, as their popularity continues to grow, the need for sound project management strategies is paramount. A key way to ensure each aquatic play pad is a success...
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