UV technology and ozone

By Zach Hansen and Karen Rigsby

Supplemental systems can go a long way towards improving the water quality of a given pool or spa. Understanding how these systems work and how to use them effectively are vital to any diligent pool or spa operator. While these systems will not replace a registered sanitizer, they can be very effective tools, ones that should be used to their full...

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A variety of elements create a sophisticated urban backyard

A moderately sized residential corner lot in the heart of one of Toronto’s tree-covered communities was the setting for Oriole Landscaping to transform a challenging space into multifaceted outdoor retreat. The clients were lovely, open to ideas and ready to push the envelope, as they wanted something...
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Responding to frequently asked pool cover questions

What are the most common questions consumers have about automatic swimming pool covers? They range from safety value and cost to maintenance requirements and proper selection, but as varied as these questions are, this article will prove useful to builders who may not have a response on the tip...
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Creating Warmth and Privacy

The Landscape Artist Inc., has been providing the Calgary area with residential landscape design and construction services since 1977. When the company was called out to revamp a modest backyard in the city, the result was a...
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