Embracing green technologies can make a difference

By Connie Sue Centrella

After facing some difficult times, the pool and spa industry’s economic recovery will depend on how effectively it adopts a socially responsible approach to green initiatives. Not only must pool and spa professionals commit to sustainability strategies and embrace newer technologies, they also need to go beyond that and pledge to change their attitudes toward waste reduction and develop an energy conservation plan.

Throughout the supply chain, industry professionals are establishing … Continue reading Embracing green technologies can make a difference

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Retractable enclosure provides yearlong enjoyment

Most people look forward to a hot, sunny day with eager anticipation. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a drink on the patio, sit on a lounge chair in the warmth of the sun or take a dip in the pool. However, what if there was no need to wait for a hot, sunny day? What if you could enjoy your pool, spa or patio at any time of the year.....
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Creating picturesque, natural-like backyard water features

“These rocks and pools have always been here, haven’t they?” “Surely you didn’t build this.” “This looks like the hand of nature.” These are comments every water shape designer loves to hear, but alas, all too often they do not. Many manmade water features are meant to appear natural;...
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