Salt chlorine generators

As salt water pools become more popular in both residential and commercial pool installations, issues with salt chlorine generators have also been garnering more...
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Strategies for marketing and advertising illuminated pool/spa products

By Ted Lawrence

As the pool and spa/hot tub industry goes through what everyone hopes will be a short winter, it is important for business owners—especially those operating pool/spa retail stores—to start the New Year off right by putting together a marketing and advertising plan for the coming year. To do this properly, it is important to start with an advertising budget; once a reasonable monetary amount has been determined, plan all of the events … Continue reading Strategies for marketing and advertising illuminated pool/spa products

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Leveraging technology in the outdoor design process

Finding the right tech solutions to improve the outdoor design process—without adding to the workload—helps designers create spectacular customer experiences. 
In some cases, incorporating cutting-edge technology can often create new challenges, but at the same time solve others. From software intended to streamline the design process to social media...
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