Maintenance and repair of interlocking concrete paving systems

One of the benefits of interlocking concrete pavers (ICPs) is the relative ease and speed of routine maintenance and minor repairs. For example, in cases where paving units may have settled as a result of rainfall, severe weather, or repeated loads from heavy vehicles, it is a relatively simple procedure to...
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UV technology and ozone

By Zach Hansen and Karen Rigsby

Supplemental systems can go a long way towards improving the water quality of a given pool or spa. Understanding how these systems work and how to use them effectively are vital to any diligent pool or spa operator. While these systems will not replace a registered sanitizer, they can be very effective tools, ones that should be used to their full advantage.

Ultraviolet (UV) technology

UV disinfection … Continue reading UV technology and ozone

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A one-of-a-kind water feature is a collaborative success

Acapulco Pools, a commercial pool builder and service provider based in Kitchener, Ont., has worked with Dan Euser Waterarchitecture (DEW) several times over the years and have come to know his water feature designs, which are typically well-suited to the location, reflect functional expectations, and by no means ‘run...
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Environmentally friendly decking

Demand for wood-plastic composite lumber is projected to increase 9.2 per cent in each of the coming years, reaching $5.3 billion US by 2013, says a recent study by The Freedonia Group. It also predicts deck boards will be...+ Read More

Eliminating barriers at today’s aquatic facilities

Public pools and spas/hot tubs bring people of all ages and abilities together and, therefore, are designed to be an inclusive space. Swimming, exercise, therapy, relaxation, and water play are all activities that can take place in a pool and/or spa/hot tub and, thanks to the innovative design features...
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