Project Spotlight: Solda Pools (2013)

Despite the small property, this Etobicoke, Ont., homeowner wanted to include a number of features and amenities in their backyard and called on Solda Pools of Brampton, Ont., to turn this dream into a reality. To accommodate the multiple features of this project, including a pool and spa, water and fire features, and various areas for dining, lounging, cookouts, storage, and softscaping, no space was left unturned.
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Turning a modest backyard into a spacious retreat

When a client in northwestern Calgary approached GLI Landscaping to overhaul an existing residential landscape, hopes were high. Even though backyard space was very limited, plans called for an elaborate renovation, including a...
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The little things that make an installation shine

By Barry Justus

‘The devil is in the details’ is a familiar phrase to most. It generally refers to the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly—details are important. Failing to pay close attention to the details in the watershaping industry can dramatically affect a builder’s bottom...

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