Using segmental retaining walls in hardscaping projects

Conventional or gravity segmental retaining walls (SRWs), referring to manufactured retaining walls, as opposed to natural stone walls, effectively limit the movement of the soil behind them, primarily by the weight of their blocks. The maximum wall height of a single-depth wall is typically directly proportional to its weight, width, batter (face slope), soil condition, and site geometry. (Contractors should, in all cases, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific recommendations.) The theory behind these retaining walls is to effectively alter the landscape to increase the area of usable land. On occasion they may be used in cases where...
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Investing time in social media

At a recent home improvement economic summit, a home improvement dealer asked me an interesting question: “When should I hire a full-time person to handle my social media?” A year ago, no one would have even thought of social media as needing a dedicated worker, but...
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