Heat pump systems

The high cost for non-renewable energy sources, such as oil and natural gas, continues to rise each year. As this is top of mind for most consumers, an increasing number are looking for alternative heating systems that maximize energy output while reducing the amount of energy required for operation.
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Why smart people can make bad business decisions

Companies in the pool and spa industry are facing an ironic problem. Success depends on the quality of everyday decisions made by people in the company. However, people have hardwired flaws in their thinking that are reinforced by a multi-tasking, time-constrained environment. In fact, many companies are doing little to help improve their employees’ quality of thinking and instead, in some cases, are making matters worse.
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Emerging technologies assist vinyl liner and safety cover installers

Pool measuring has been a large part of a service professional’s job for many years. The skill to measure accurately takes training, patience, and time as they are necessary for the successful installation of high-priced custom fabricated vinyl liners and safety covers. Correct measurements not only ensure products fit properly, but also help projects operate more efficiently.
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Top instructors recognized by NSPF

Winners of the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s (NSPF’s) annual Instructor Awards were recently presented to active instructors whose diligence over the previous year marked a significant contribution to advancing the foundation’s mission.+ Read More
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