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A pool with panache

Vanishing edges create the illusion of the pool melding with the horizon.

Why settle for a run-of-the mill pool experience? There are so many options out there that can help set your backyard apart from the rest. If your budget allows, then consider adding a bit more flair to create the oasis of your dreams. (Note that not all of these features are available for all material types—consult your pool builder for more information.)

Vanishing edges

Have you ever wished you could see forever? These days, vanishing edges (also known as infinity pools) give you just that, a never-ending sheet of water that creates the illusion it is reaching to the horizon. The breathtaking view is enough to interrupt your morning laps. To achieve the effect, water extends to the pool’s edge, where it is caught by a trough or basin, creating a clean, seamless expanse that melds with the landscape behind it.

Rock accents

Adding natural or artificial rocks or boulders of various sizes can help turn your backyard oasis into just that. Spread these accents throughout the space to create a cohesive landscape.

Beach entries

There’s more than one way to get in and out of the pool. Consider beach entries, which mimic the natural sloping of a shoreline, eliminating the need for ladders and stairs. A gradual slope starting at the edge of the pool’s shallow end makes entry far easier, particularly for young children or seniors.

Resin in-wall steps

Not only are these built-in steps functional, they can also be used as lounge areas for, well lounging, or resting after a few laps. Install hydrotherapy massage jets to take the lounging experience to a whole other level.

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  1. It is true – we are reaching a golden age for swimming pools. Things are more automated than ever, efficiency is increasing, and the sheer number of options available for new pool installations is almost daunting. The reality is that almost all of these features are budget driven and you have to “trim the fat” somewhere with your pool installation or you will be looking at a $300,000+ project. When I speak with potential new pool owners I tell them to think about benefits versus features. A waterfall is a feature…but what is the benefit? It costs money to install and run a waterfall, and it can play havoc with your water chemistry. Most waterfalls sit dormant and unused. If you want a waterfall, you should want it for the benefit it gives you. Do you live near a busy street and you want to drown out the noise of traffic? That can be a benefit of a waterfall. The same goes for negative edge (infinity edge, vanishing edge) pools. Unless you live on a body of water you are defeating the point of the illusion that this feature is supposed to provide. They cost a ton, and what benefit does it bring? I would advise to go with a hot tub in addition to a regular walled pool much more so than a vanishing edge effect into my neighbors yard. My personal favorite from this list is the lighting. Lighting is expensive for what it is, with some bulbs being $500 or more, but a robust lighting system can add heaps of character to an otherwise ordinary pool…and you can add one heck of a lot of lights for the cost of a negative edge upgrade! Great post – thank you!

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