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Tips for resolving common automatic pool cleaner problems

Today’s pool professional has learned to incorporate automatic swimming pool cleaners into their service routine and retailers are frequently selling these maintenance accessories to their customers. With a vast number of automatic swimming pool cleaners in the market, industry professionals must now be well-versed in troubleshooting common problems as well as successfully correcting user-error issues. Like any robotic product, there are common user errors and sometimes faulty parts that can cause an automatic swimming pool cleaner to malfunction. This article provides a number of troubleshooting techniques for service and retail professionals when automatic swimming pool cleaners are not working properly.

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Specialty pool care programs can increase profits by providing service techs more time to investigate

Shrewd service professionals are increasing their revenue streams by taking time to look around the backyard for additional sales opportunities. Rather than waiting for things to breakdown, these pros are looking for ways to upgrade the homeowner’s pool experience, while at the same time increasing profits by selling cleaning accessories, replacing/upgrading old equipment, and offering advanced maintenance programs.

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The evolution of pool cleaners

This year marks the centennial of the known invention of the swimming pool cleaner. These devices owe their evolution to imaginative tinkerers, engineers and designers from all over the world. Like swimming pools, there is almost certainly no single inventor or single swimming pool cleaner that has been recorded in history as the first such machine. However, by tracing key patent records, one can begin to appreciate how these devices, whether suction-side, pressure-side or robotic, developed into the popular swimming pool maintenance products they are today.

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