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How to make money when accessorizing pools this summer

There is always money to be made anytime a pool contractor enters a backyard—whether opening/closing a pool, starting a new project, or taking on a renovation. One of the best ways to do this is to offer products that do not shutdown the pool for a prolonged period, but rather can be easily added in a few hours or even one day.

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Slatted pool covers eliminate the confines of symmetrical designs

While still considered a niche component of the pool, automatic covers are gaining popularity thanks to their ability to reduce the operating costs of a pool and/or spa with the rising costs of energy, and water consumption in arid climates. In fact, for many builders, the automatic cover is as an important piece of equipment as the pump and filter, and they include them in their bids to clients.

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Building a knife-edge, perimeter-overflow pool takes precision

Orchestrated correctly, an infinity pool can create the illusion that a pool and horizon have merged as one. Imagine this scenario: a potential client browses through a project portfolio looking at photos of pools. They view a photo of an infinity pool, but at first glance they do not realize they are actually looking at a pool. This is the ideal result any aquatic designer attempts to achieve when creating these types of pools. Very few watershapes can rival the appearance of an infinity pool and the seamless transition between it and an adjacent body of water. Similar to a vanishing-edge pool, a perimeter-overflow pool takes a design to a whole new level of intrigue and awe, not to mention technical expertise. The complete stillness, reflective qualities, and mirror-like surface result in an appearance that can be breathtaking.

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