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Two naturally based ways to remove grease from pool water

Water can dissolve just about anything—from sugar to cement. One thing it cannot dissolve, however, is oil… thus the old adage, “Water and oil don’t mix.” The electrons of the water molecule are similar to those of sugar or cement; therefore, the substance will become soluble at some point. On the other hand, the electrons in the molecules of hydrocarbons such as oil are not similar to water and, therefore, they repel one another.

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Making pool water maintenance easier for service professionals

Enzymes have evolved over the years to a point where there are now specific products based upon the needs of each and every body of water. Today, there are two different types of enzyme products available for use in the pool and spa/hot tub industry—broad spectrum produced through a fermentation process is one, while limited capacity commercially manufactured then blended enzymes are another. Both will provide visible results, but they work differently based upon how they are made.

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