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Hayward donates safety products

Hayward Pool Products has pledged up to $1 million of the company's safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) to commercial pool facilities throughout North America to assist those facing safety compliance challenges due to budgetary issues.

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Hayward acquires majority interest in Clevaquip

Hayward Industries, a manufacturer of swimming pool and flow control products in Elizabeth, N.J., has strengthened its position in the Asia/Pacific market after acquiring a majority interest in Clevaquip Pty. Ltd., a large swimming pool products distributor based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Variable-speed pump economics

When a service professional tells a swimming pool owner they can cut energy costs by installing a variable speed pump (VSP) they become interested. However, when they tell them the pump will operate two-to-three times longer than an average pump, they are…

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Variable speed pumps

By Scott K. Petty

With the advent of various legislation aimed at improving the energy-efficiency of appliances and similar products, energy-efficient pumps have become a popular topic within the pool and spa industry. Every pool and spa circulation system requires at least one pump; many have multiple units. As a result, pumps represent the largest aggregate consumption of energy on the equipment pad. Some studies have estimated pool pumps to be the second-largest energy consumer … Continue reading Variable speed pumps

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