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Updating natatoriums for maximum occupant comfort

The knowledge of what natatoriums require for a successful design has been upgraded dramatically in the last quarter century. Recent technological advancements and state-of-the-art engineering standards have not only made these improvements possible, but have also made significant improvements in indoor pools for spectators and swimmers.

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Monitoring and controlling indoor air quality using a web browser-based software interface

Imagine the following scenario: an aquatic facility manager is vacationing with their family in Europe and suddenly receives an e-mail alert on his/her smartphone regarding a problem with the indoor air quality at the commercial pool he/she manages. Unfortunately, the on-duty maintenance staffers are not able to diagnose or respond, but the problem needs to be fixed immediately. Thanks to today’s dehumidification system technology, this scenario might unfold (chronologically) as such:

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Ultraviolet sanitizers can improve water and indoor air quality

An increasing number of natatoriums have problems with indoor air quality. When the air in an indoor aquatic facility smells like chlorine, this is the first indicator that something is wrong. The odour is often worse at water level, but can be extremely irritating at deck level or in the viewing area as well. In many cases, the trademark ‘chlorine’ odour is not the only problem, eye irritation and difficulty breathing may also be experienced. The second indicator is rusting on metal fittings in and around the pool.

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