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Addressing ethics in the water shaping industry

How can photos be protected?

  1. business_3d-design-Barry-Justus--simulated-night-lighting
    Some builders may have even had their designs and intellectual property taken by a client.

    Use a watermark.

Nothing is fool proof. Some argue against water-marking photos, as it ruins the look of the image. Further, someone who really wants to use the photo and has some general Photoshop knowledge can remove it.

  1. Low-resolution images.

Only post photos that are low resolution (72 dots per inch [dpi] that look good on a website, but blurry when printed). Another advantage to using low-resolution images is the fact the file size is also smaller, which will allow a company’s website to load faster.

  1. Low-tech options

A low-tech option is to load project images, along with the company’s logo, into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Afterwards, the low-resolution images can be e-mailed to potential clients without fear, as the logo cannot be removed.

  1. Website techniques

There are also a few techniques a website developer can use to protect photos. For example, a developer can disable the ability to right-click on the image, manipulate images by uploading them without a colour profile, and prevent image downloads by using tables. It really depends on how much effort a designer/builder wants to take, and whether the consequences are worth the precautionary measures.

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