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Addressing ethics in the water shaping industry

Information, photos, graphics, and designs are not a free for all. Despite this, many pool designers/builders may have experienced some form of theft with respect to their intellectual property. Generally, an original work is automatically protected by copyright the moment it is created. By registering the copyright, a designer/builder will receive a certificate issued by…

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When it comes to pool interiors, consumers are spoiled for choice

The first pools were built 5,000 years ago in modern-day Pakistan. Waterproofing the pool interior was accomplished by using a combination of bricks, mortar, plaster, and a coating of tar. In 2500 BC, the Romans refined the process with massive public bathing pools that were built to impress. Columns, terracotta, and mosaics were featured in the finish materials for these pools. Modern swimming pools first appeared in Britain in the mid-1800s and often featured an all-tile interior, a material that is in resurgence today in high-end pool projects.

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Balancing between esthetics and efficiency

A project’s design is influenced by a number of factors. Designers and builders are constantly performing a balancing act with respect to budget, client interests, site conditions, and building codes. The addition of energy efficiency and esthetics only serves to complicate the project. Typically, the client’s budget and expectations dictate to a large degree the final outcome of a design.

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The little things that make an installation shine

By Barry Justus

‘The devil is in the details’ is a familiar phrase to most. It generally refers to the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly—details are important. Failing to pay close attention to the details in the watershaping industry can dramatically affect a builder’s bottom line, reputation and the finished project. From the first interaction with a potential client to site cleanup and project commissioning, the details will ultimately determine the … Continue reading The little things that make an installation shine

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