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Annual poll takes industry’s pulse

How many years have you been in the pool/hot tub business?


What was your salary last year?



What benefits does your company provide?

Paid vacations 62%
Paid sick leave 46%
Dental insurance or group plan 45%
Eye insurance 29%
Medical insurance 55%
Life insurance 38%
Long-term disability insurance 25%
Short-term disability insurance 21%
Mileage reimbursement 33%
Paid personal time 19%
Education/professional development funding 35%
Parking 11%
Bonuses 40%
Professional membership 26%
Defined benefit (pension) retirement plan 17%
Parental leave 10%
Mobile phone 52%
Profit-sharing 8%
Company car/truck allowance 40%
Multiple category selction allowed.
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