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Annual poll takes industry’s pulse

What is your level of education?


What is your age?



Which of the following titles best describes your position?


What is the greatest frustration with your job?
“It is difficult to keep key staff year-round due to the ebb and flow of seasonal work.”
“We compete against big-box stores and online merchants that do not offer product service. We lose the profit on the product, but are expected to install and service it.”
“It is hard to find employees with the same level of motivation for details to provide the best possible service to our clients.”
“We try our best and sometimes our client’s expectations are unreasonable.”
“Ensuring all details regarding construction is met. Minor details usually get missed or are not quoted up front.”
“Finding good employees that want to be accountable for what they do. It seems they are just here for the paycheque.”
“Working with customers whose expectations are unreal at times.”
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