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Zodiac to prohibit online sales of its Jandy product line

Zodiac Pool Systems Canada along with Zodiac Pool Systems LLC has announced it will cease online sales of all Jandy Pro Series equipment in 2019.
Zodiac Pool Systems Canada along with Zodiac Pool Systems LLC has announced it will cease online sales of all Jandy Pro Series equipment in 2019.

Zodiac Pool Systems Canada and its sister company in the U.S., Zodiac Pool Systems LLC, have announced it will prohibit the online sale of all Jandy Pro Series equipment effective Jan. 1, 2019.

Under its new ‘Trade Series Exclusive’ (TSE) policy, the company has identified all of the products that are not to be sold online, which includes more than 400 Jandy Pro Series branded products, select Polaris branded products, and select Zodiac branded products. The full TSE product list can be found at

Zodiac says the move will help support the long-term viability of the industry, as only qualified pool professionals have the expertise and training necessary to prescribe, install, and maintain the highly technical products common to any pool to facilitate a reliable and enjoyable swimming experience for consumers.

The company will constitute a violation of its TSE policy for any customer (i.e. independent trade dealers and distributors and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and related companies) who sells the identified products anywhere on the Internet (including eBay or other auction sites). Those selling these products to any reseller that sells pool products primarily online will also be in violation of the policy.

The penalty for violating the policy includes refusal to sell TSE products and withholding of earned loyalty or rebate incentives. Further, Zodiac will not provide a manufacturer’s warranty on Jandy Pro Series equipment purchased online through any Internet retailer.

The company says it will monitor the Internet 24-7 and encourages pool pros to report policy violations to

“We want to see this industry thrive for generations. Our decision to prohibit the sale of Jandy products online, along with our enforcement of the new Trade Series Exclusive policy, will help level the playing field for pool professionals, making them more competitive and supporting their long-term success,” said Michelle Kenyon, Zodiac Pool Systems LLC’s senior vice-president of marketing and customer experience.

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10 comments on “Zodiac to prohibit online sales of its Jandy product line”

  1. Thank you Jandy for showing trained industry professionals the respect this industry deserves. I sincerely hope Pentair follows suite.
    Gulf Island Pools and Spas will promote Jandy products .

  2. For the last 3 years Jandy has impressed me with not only decisions but with products. Looks like its time to push more Jandy products to my customers hearing this news,

  3. Bad news for consumers who are always getting over charged. This is why they buy it online and just pay labor to have it installed. Many times pool “professionals” over charge up to 300% and get away with it.

    Typical plumbing/HVAC scam. Now you have to pay triple to get anything fixed/installed. The manufacturers are in the pockets of the trade organizations – when will they learn that it is the end user that ultimately pays their way? Hopefully someone else will step in to fill the void

    I don’t begrudge anyone a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, nor even a modest markup on equipment. But where is this leading? Pretty soon, you won’t be able to buy any pool equipment over the internet and that leaves you at the mercy of unscrupulous contractors charging whatever the market will bear. This is where its gone in the HVAC industry.

    “Takes a stand” makes it sound like an honorable move – quite the opposite.

  4. I am just a consumer getting ready yo have a pool installed not in the pool business.
    I was going to use Jandy products now I wont as the article stated they may possibly include parts in the future!
    If I were a stock holder in this company I would be outraged! Nothing Grows the business like restricting sales LOL!
    The trend is online sales so Zodiac wants to go back to Amish thinking! (Amazing)
    So Jandy you have just lost one Sale for a new install because of future repair parts concerns.
    If you don’t give customers what they want somebody else will!

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