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Mysterious incidents of pools turning neon green in New Jersey solved

The case of neon green swimming pools in New Jersey has been solved.
The case of neon green swimming pools in New Jersey has been solved.

The mysterious recurrence of neon green water in multiple pools in Absecon near Atlantic City, New Jersey, appears to have been resolved. According to a report by Miami Herald and the New Jersey police, a business owner is accused of using a drone to drop green dye into the swimming pools. They are now facing numerous charges related to criminal mischief.

This peculiar occurrence initially caught the attention of a local hotel manager in late June 2023, when the pool used by guests inexplicably changed colour to a neon green, as per The Independent. the general manager recounted her astonishment, saying, “I saw it totally green, and I was like, ‘Oh wow, what is going on?’ So, we saw a dye pack in the bottom of the pool, and we didn’t know what it was.”

The report further states the manager quickly ruled out green algae as the cause, but continued to experience repeated incidents throughout the summer, as the drone bandit persisted in dropping the dye at least a dozen times.

Cleaning the pool each time incurred significant expenses, costing tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance. Moreover, the unexpected pool closures disappointed guests, leading to lost revenue. Homeowners reported similar incidents involving their private pools, leading to a growing concern in the community.

The report by The Independent also says when the drone, carrying the green dye, reappeared above the Quality Inn in the latest occurrence, law enforcement enlisted the help of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to trace its origin. This led to the arrest of the accused, who owns a heating and cooling business nearby. The green substance turned out to be sea dye, typically used by search and rescue teams, and it had a detrimental effect on the pools.

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