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World’s largest water park using BC-based Vantage for digital transformation

Atlantis Dubai, the largest water park in the world, is partnering with Vancouver-based Vantage to transform its digital experience.
Atlantis Dubai, the largest water park in the world, is partnering with Vancouver-based Vantage to transform its digital experience.

The world’s largest water park, Atlantis Dubai, is tapping Vancouver-based Vantage for the digital transformation of its guest experiences.

A park of such this size, nestled amongst numerous amenities and attractions, comes with its own set of challenges. Aside from the daily operational challenges of managing staff and attractions, is the added complexity of ensuring that visitors, both resort and day guests, can easily navigate Aquaventure, and the entire complex that comprises Atlantis Dubai.

Just as customer expectations continue to evolve and change in other sectors, such as retail and streaming, so too does the hospitality guest expect more.

“It’s the emergence of the digital savvy consumer who looks for the convenience and ease that comes with being able to make cashless purchases, book tickets from their phone, and who are willing to provide personal details in return for curated and customized experiences that are changing the face of customer experience,” said Philip Edgell, Vantage’s president.

Once installed, Vantage’s platform, which includes an integrated set of wearables, apps, and data management tools, will digitize the guest experience. Guests will now have a single platform to engage with the resort, whether that be to open lockers and find their friends in the water park or to purchase tickets for Dolphin Bay.

As Anthony Lynsdale, Atlantis Dubai’s vice-president, information technology explains, “Guests visit Atlantis Dubai because they know they are going to receive world-class luxury and service from our resorts.”

Lynsdale continued, “We wanted to ensure that experience was consistent throughout their stay with us, which was why we chose Vantage. With Vantage’s platform, we will be able to deliver those extraordinary experiences we are known for, while also deepening our client understanding, which in turn allows us to elevate the guest experience even further. It’s a win-win for us.”

The initial phase of the Vantage implementation will focus on Aquaventure, where guests will be given a wearable that they link to an app and in-park kiosks, which allows them to freely explore, ride, and buy throughout the entire park.

The operations team will have access to real-time attendance, wait times, and retail and food and beverage sales which can be filtered by demographic via a series of tools that feed into a live app. Configured with key performance indicators, staff are alerted when queue lines get too long, dispatch rates drop, and safety incidents occur, along with other push notification parameters the park sets.

For Aquaventure’s sales and marketing, all the data that is collected is anchored to each guest so their team can understand preferences, buying behaviours, and patterns of usage which become remarketing data to ensure guests return and for creating ideal customer profiles.

This is the second project for Vantage at Atlantis’ Aquaventure, the first being the installation of automated wait time signs in 2020.

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