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Integrating hot tubs into backyard landscapes

When considering a swimming pool and hot tub addition to an outdoor landscape design, many homeowners select a hot tub that is integrated into the pool form. This not only creates a cohesive look, but also allows the hot tub to be used as a design element with water flowing over or out into the pool. This is a common design premise. Installation concepts for portable hot tubs, however, can be a little more challenging when trying to make them look as integrated as their built-in counterparts.

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Discovering the latest hot tub design trends

As the attraction with outdoor living continues to evolve, one design element that has seen increased popularity is the backyard water feature. Not only do water features add a natural ambiance to any backyard setting, they can be easily added to most landscape designs. Many water features are part of a pool or hot tub installation. Modern swimming pool and hot tub designs can incorporate a variety of water features that give the backyard character and allow homeowners to develop an emotional bond with their outdoor escape. For instance, some water features are often integrated into the design of major pool components such as raised spas, which spill over into the pool. This creates a nice transition between two functional zones and adds a tremendous amount of character to a design.

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Understanding how water, in all forms, promotes healing

Water has been used in medicinal and/or therapeutic treatments for centuries. Sebastian Kneipp, a 19th century Bavarian monk, is sometimes said to be the father of many hydrotherapy methods. While he wrote several books, one of the most popular is My Water Cure. He believed that disease could be cured by using water to eliminate waste from the body.

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