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A guide to non-slip coatings

Rubber has been used as an anti-slip surface in and around wet areas for much of the past century. It is proven to be a great performer in providing excellent grip and preventing falls, which can turn nasty very quickly on hard, wet surfaces such as pool decks. The problem, however…

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Tips for designing and building pool and spa surrounds

As pool and spa professionals know, in some cases, homeowners spend more time beside the water than in it, which means a top-notch surround provides an ideal way to enhance customer satisfaction and gain referrals. With a bit of inspiration, installers can create a poolside deck or hot tub surround that will not only thrill customers, but also have their friends and neighbours ask who the contractor was. The following are seven building tips to add life to pool and spa surrounds using composite decking.

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Laying the groundwork

Photo courtesy MoistureShield 100Composite materials can be easily machined and installed with standard hand and power tools as without a grain the material will not split. When using these materials, they should always be installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, paying close attention to maximum allowable uniform live load and member span requirements.

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