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Workplace Safety

By Connie Sue Centrella

In the pool and spa business, the summer months naturally bring a bigger workload and boosted labour force. While this time of year promises increased revenue, it can not come at the expense of risk reduction. A healthy bottom line is significantly affected by exposure to risk—and workplace safety is the single most important element that puts a business in jeopardy.

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Workplace health and safety

Many pool and spa companies think of health and safety requirements as something they have to do, simply because it’s mandated and they could potentially be punished for not following through. However, in addition to saving lives and preventing injuries and illness, creating a healthy and safe workplace makes…

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Slip-resistant surfaces

By Rob Amelung

In aquatic facilities, it is well understood that safety always comes first. Since wet, slippery areas can be a liability, it is even more important for aquatic facility managers to consider preventive measures. With the recent economic climate, and many facilities facing budget cuts, providing a safe environment for patrons and employees is still top of mind with facility managers.

Slip-and-fall accidents are a leading cause of injury in aquatic areas and … Continue reading Slip-resistant surfaces

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