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Today’s backyard designs are tomorrow’s most sought-after projects

The allure of the swimming pool has passed through time undiluted. From the grand bathhouses in Rome and Greece to today’s sleek, sophisticated designs, pools transcend geography and demographics. Often a symbol of luxury, current popular designs and features provide elegant living and effortless convenience. Modern-day pool owners want more than to bask in the shimmering reflection; they want

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Roll-On Cement Pool Plaster

Sider-Proof FF-PR (manufactured by Sider-Crete, Inc.) – An advanced technology in cement-based, swimming pool plaster and resurfacing coating for plaster, ICF, concrete, and concrete block swimming pools. It is packaged as…

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Fibreglass pool resurfacing

The commercial construction of swimming pools typically started after the Second World War, when urban sprawl was underway and families moved from the cities to the suburbs. Before that most pools were large, poured-in-place concrete vessels that were finished with chlorinated rubber paints.

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