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Managing water balance and controlling organics

Whether one calls it winterizing, closing, off-season, or end-of-season pool care—how service professionals deal with pool water once there is not much pool activity all boils down to what part of the country the pool is located. In all cases, the two variables that need to be addressed are: a) managing water balance and, b) controlling organics.

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The right cleaner will keep customers loving their pools

By Mike Fowler

Owning a pool is all about enjoyment—relaxing, swimming, entertaining, and vacationing in the backyard. In this case, pool professionals need to do everything possible to make owning one hassle-free. To this end, the products and services the industry offers are designed to ensure maximum enjoyment and minimal work. As a result, automatic cleaners are the ultimate tool to ensure a clean, beautiful pool for swimming or just to look at while entertaining. … Continue reading The right cleaner will keep customers loving their pools

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