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Advice for service pros dealing with pesky vinyl liner stains

Vinyl liner pools are one of the most popular construction methods in Canada for many reasons—one being ease of maintenance. For example, it is harder for algae to grow on vinyl than on plaster. However, even the highest quality vinyl liner is still subject to staining and discolouration. Improper water balance, water treatments, and specific types of debris can cause persistent maintenance problems, most notably staining on vinyl surfaces. This article provides a brief overview of how typical staining occurs to help service professionals take care of these persistent maintenance challenges.

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How to tackle common pool stains

When dealing with pool stains, it is important for service professionals to keep in mind they are not always cut from the same cloth. Therefore, it is critical to diagnose the problem first before providing a broad-spectrum treatment. Take the time to review the origins of common pool stains and determine what the likely cause is for each specific case before determining how it should be treated and removed. This article will provide a quick refresher for service professionals on some of the more common types of pool stains and what the best procedures are to remove them.

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