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Hot tub or swim spa, what is the difference?

Retailers that have had customers ask to test a swim spa but cannot oblige because they do not carry them could be missing an emerging wave of new buyers. Although swim spas are not new to the hot tub industry, an increasing number of manufacturers now have a swim spa line. The reason for this is because these units serve the niche fitness market—one for which most consumers did not know they were looking for until seeing them in action.

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Today’s hot tubs are no longer just a box of hot water

Hot tubs have come a long way over the past 30 years. From being constructed of brown marble fibreglass with only five or six jets for hydrotherapy, today’s hot tubs have morphed into new, sophisticated designs with an array of internal components and colours meant to bring hot water therapy to a whole new level. While hot tubs have changed, the desire for a complete backyard retreat is still at the forefront of every consumer who purchases one. Their interest has since waned from the old-style gazebos or wooden surrounds with wine racks which required staining and meticulous care. The consumer is not happy with a wood gazebo or just a cheap, plastic step; they are looking for a complete transformation of their backyard.

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Health and exercise are key selling points for retailers offering swim spas

Imagine being able to offer clients the benefits of a large conventional pool in an easy-to-install miniature version? There is no need to imagine as this is possible today thanks to the evolution of the swim spa, which enables pool and hot tub retailers the ability to provide clients a means to swim—whether for those who do not want a traditional pool, or for those who cannot have one installed in their backyard due to space restrictions.

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