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Today’s high-tech controls now go beyond the pool

The aquatics industry is entering an era of unprecedented innovation and evolution. With the advancement in micro-processors, data memory, touch screens, and other electronic components, automation is not only becoming more mainstream and more affordable, but equipment manufacturers are also starting to keep up with the innovation curve. That said, pool automation systems have evolved in the past three years to go beyond the pool, giving homeowner’s the power to orchestrate their entire backyard.

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What does the future hold for pool and hot tub automation?

Imagine giving customers the ability to sit poolside on a warm summer evening, touching a familiar screen, and bringing their backyard to life in a way that suits their particular mood. One tap of their finger can transform their outdoor living space to reflect an ambiance or theme that matches the way they felt during that particular evening. Builders have made this possible by creating pre-programmed themes to match holidays, a romantic evening, a neighbourhood get-together, a kid’s birthday party, or a relaxing atmosphere for simply hanging out.

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