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Curating and maintaining an online brand image

When a customer has a great experience with a product or service, chances are, they will verbally share those details within their social circle.

Being authentic online and offline

The biggest tip for success is being authentic; avoid creating a persona or a brand image online which does not align with how a person is in real life, or for a business, avoid an image which does not represent the mission of the company. Everything posted online could have a reaction, whether positive or negative, and for this reason one should always think ahead, and ponder, “if we post this, it could spark this type of reaction.” This advice should be followed for both personal pages and on forums, but it is just as important for business accounts to consider. Maintain a consistent image across the platforms and send out a consistent message as well, especially from a business standpoint.

Making emotional connections

Think of some brands which people are the most loyal to and think about why that might be. Something has led to consumers using a brand or business’s products or services repeatedly. For example, with certain products, it could be consistently great performance which makes a task easier (e.g. a household favourite cleaning product which gets the job done without
a lot of extra elbow grease). In the instance of a service or a general company, it could be consistently good experiences with the organization itself.

Sharing her personal experience, this author considers a couple of brands she is a “superfan” of, with the biggest being an airline she frequently flies with. As a frequent traveller who still gets nervous at times to fly, she finds comfort in the way this airline does business—lightening the mood and treating passengers respectfully. Somewhere throughout her interactions with the staff, they were able to create an emotional connection with her, which makes them her first choice to fly with every single time. She loves this company’s culture, its policies, their ability to provide flexibility for ever-changing plans, and their commitment to a positive customer experience. She also enjoys getting a chuckle out of the flight attendant’s uniquely crafted safety message infused with humour on a flight.

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