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Curating and maintaining an online brand image

As business owners in the pool industry, one can identify many customers who are brand advocates for the organization.

When giving advice on handling difficult situations, Belcourt says, “We try hard to prevent negative reviews from happening in the first place, but in today’s digital space, despite all best efforts, it is not always preventable. When we receive a negative review, we try to post a public reply as quicky as possible. We try to engage with an apology and a request for them to reach out to us offline, by phone to discuss ways we can earn back their business and make things right. If they continue to post negatively in the public space after our interaction, we ignore their ‘trolling.’ The continued negativity reflects on them and not on our brand at that point.”

Building a unique brand

Speaking of branding, business owners and service providers must think about the brand image they want to convey and start jotting down words they would want people to say when asked about their brand. For instance, if a company’s mission is to build high-end pools, some words they might write down about the desired brand image are “quality,” “luxury,” “craftsmanship,” “reliability,” and “trustworthy.” Once the desired brand image has been established, it is important to match the content posted and shared to align it with the qualities selected.

Businesses and people alike should aim to remain “on brand” with whatever they post, how they respond to comments and feedback, and the messaging they put out to their audience. Authenticity is key, so always try to stay true to the core values and mission while creating consistency around a brand.


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Jamie Novak is the director of Pro Brands Marketing at BioLab, a division of KIK Consumer Products. She has held multiple positions in marketing and sales for major manufacturers such as, Newell Rubbermaid, Zodiac Pool Systems, and AquaStar Pool Products. Novak has more than 17 years’ experience in the pool and spa industry. She received her MBA with concentrations in marketing and leading organizations from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. A storyteller by nature, Novak is passionate about branding and the customer experience.

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