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The benefits of building homes and pools concurrently

Case Study 1: New custom home with a vanishing-edge concrete/vinyl hybrid pool
This pool and landscape installation was designed in unison with the house and backyard landscaping. Having a large-sized estate property, this client desired a unique watershape that would accentuate the natural calmness of their property, as well as provide an ideal blend of indoor-outdoor living. The design of the house allows for easy access between key rooms of the home (e.g. master bedroom, kitchen, covered breakfast nook, and screened-in porch) and the outdoor pool, spa/hot tub, patio, and cabana. The aquatic design included a vanishing-edge pool with a dramatic waterfall.

This was one of the most important design elements for this client; therefore, the 8-m (26-ft) spill-over edge, which looks to pour into the wooded backlot of the property, was designed to standout. In actuality, the water flows over a limestone weir wall, 0.7 m (2.5 ft) into a lower water reservoir. The weir wall is faced with stone veneer.

Depending on the volume of water being pumped over the vanishing edge, different variations of sound and appearance can be achieved. For instance, the sounds of a gentle cascading waterfall to a classic sheer curtain waterfall can be replicated to add tranquility to the space by silencing the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The use of sedimentary rock can be found throughout the landscape as the pool area is surrounded by large limestone retaining walls (armourstone) and the deck is finished in square-cut limestone.

The 7.3- x 11-m (24- x 26-ft) freeform pool—a combination of a custom vinyl liner with steel walls and cast in place concrete walls—is bordered by sandblasted (Eramosa) limestone with a bullnose-profile edge.

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